Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alarming Public Ignorance

“Alarming public ignorance.”
I’m shocked, I’m hurt, appalled.
How could a former justice speak
Such words, for us uncalled?
How dare she call us ignorant,
When we by habit send
The best and brightest to DC,
Our country’s ills to mend!
If we but give them extra time,
They cannot help but find
A way to cure our present ills,
And give us piece of mind.

The best and brightest, after all,
Have promised that and more,
They promised to reduce the debt,
And keep us out of war.
And though our debit is on the rise
And war around the bend,
Our confidence is absolute;
On them we can depend.
Oh Madam Justice calm your tongue!
We have things well in hand!
Prosperity and peace are nigh
For all throughout the land!

1 comment:

  1. Heh! Heh! Heh! ;-)

    ___ On Sandra Day O'Connor ___

    She wasn't much help anyway,
    As I seem to recall.
    All she did was swing and sway,
    While others took the fall.

    By being noncommittal she
    Did set herself apart,
    But all she did was whittle wee
    What we had from the start.

    As neither fish nor fowl she
    Gave Decency no help.
    As voters crying "Foul!" we
    Can't do a thing but yelp.

    ~ FreeThinke