Sunday, August 4, 2013

Katy Bar the Door

Oh, Katy bar the door.
And Katy dim the light.
Al-Qaeda has a plan.
Al-Qaeda wants a fight.
Oh, Katy get the kids.
And Katy start the car.
Al-Qaeda may be close.
We don’t know where they are.
Oh, Katy we must run,
And Katy do it now!
Al-Qaeda will attack;
We know not where or how.

And when we reach a place
Beyond al-Qaeda’s reach,
Oh, Katy build a wall
Al-Qaeda cannot breach.
And then we will be safe.
And then we will be free.
Behind a higher wall,
And happy as can be.

1 comment:

  1. Another bull's eye for the Bard! Don't you EVER miss? ;-)

    Reminds me of a parody I once made of W. H. Auden's O What is That Sound? I hope it meets with your approval.

    _____ O What is the Source? _____

    O yes, Great Evil is coming, coming.
    But whatever will be the source?

    Will it be the Muslims, Muslims?
    Or day traders at the Bourse?

    We know it might be the Marxists,
    The Marxists on a Pale Horse.

    Perhaps it will be the false Christians
    Who'd nail sinners they hate to a Cross?

    Perhaps it will be the Perverts, Perverts?
    The Gays who've been gathering force?

    Perhaps it will be our elders, elders
    Whose minds have been gathering moss?

    Perhaps it will be the young lovers, lovers
    Who cavort in the bracken and gorse?

    O yes, Great Evil is coming, coming,
    But we cannot acknowledge the source.

    Perhaps it might be you and me?
    Yes! Who else could it be, of course?

    ~ FreeThinke (5/2/08)