Sunday, July 14, 2013


When will we hear the President
Say if he had a son,
Who chose to act in self-defense,
He’d look like Zimmerman?
When will the modern media
Stop baiting based on race,
And trying to convict a man
Before he pleads his case?
When will the Sharptons of the world
With sound and fury say,
That race and ethnic heritage
May not have been at play?

When will the prosecuting class
Misconduct set aside,
And see to it that charges laid
To evidence be tied?
Perhaps we cannot have that now,
But, be that as it may,
Thank God we get to celebrate
With Zimmerman today.


  1. Brilliant as always.

    I shared this at a liberal blog -- giving you full credit, of course. As expected they hated it, but I thought it deserved a wider audience.

    You really are very gifted. I wish more people appreciated you.

  2. When will we hear, you ask my friend,
    The Truth proclaimed above the din?
    The Truth cannot be uttered by
    The leaders who are sons of Lie.

    For were it such a simple task
    To form those words that have no mask,
    We would have heard them long ago
    From those who sputter, pout, & blow.

    When will we hear my friend you say?
    Not, I fear until His Day
    Has laid them bare, masks cast aside,
    While from His Voice they may not hide.

    Then He Himself with trumpet voice
    Proclaims that all stand by their choice.
    And words that twist and turn to spy
    Will seal the doom of the sons of Lie.

    They dared to harm the smallest one,
    They dared to spurn His Only Son,
    They dared to lay at His own feet,
    Their utterance of once proud deceit!

    Then we shall hear and all rejoice
    When Justice from His Clarion Voice
    Will silence all the sons of Lie
    Never more to live they all will die

  3. Why do you bother to write, if you have so little regard for your readers that never bother post their comments?

    ------------> Katharine Hearburn

    1. Dear Katharine,

      I miss a day from time to time,
      And sometimes two or three,
      When circumstances intervene
      And get the best of me.

      But never think my slow response
      Reflects a low regard
      For those who leave a comment on
      The website of the Bard.

      So please come back from time to time,
      And leave a thought or two,
      And I shall do my best to post
      Your comments quickly too.

  4. Poetry + Truth & Reason = your bardic blog !

    Glad I discovered your well-turned phrases...

  5. So glad I found your site! Love your work and wit!

  6. Me too! Good work and great wit!