Sunday, July 28, 2013

Filner’s Follies

I spent a week in therapy
To teach my roving paws,
That modern social etiquette
Should give them cause to pause.
I stayed in place another week
To teach my wanton lips,
They cannot verbalize at work
On bosoms, legs, and hips.
A fortnight spent in therapy
Should make me right as rain,
And may indemnify me yet
From claims by Jill and Jane.

And if my days in therapy
Their anger will not quench,
I’ll paint each in the media
An unforgiving wench.
Oh my, did I just use a word
That might the dames offend?
Another day in therapy
Perhaps I need to spend.


  1. Good afternoon Bard,

    I nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award. It is well-deserved.

  2. __________ INEQUALITY __________

    Today there is no worse affliction
    Than the curse of sex addiction.

    Especially, if it's detected
    From the hetero-male directed.

    Apparently, now it’s AOK
    To parade naked, if you're gay,

    But dare to give a broad the eye,
    And you'll soon be hung out to dry.

    Gays in public squares may tarry
    Shrieking for the right to marry,

    But no more dare men to flirt
    With e'en a wretched piece of skirt.

    Since men are free no more to play,
    Do feminists hope they'll all turn gay?

    ~ FreeThinke, offered humbly in praise to The Bard