Saturday, July 6, 2013

Caught for Naught

As Cairo into chaos slid,
And Egypt of its leaders rid,
For duty John reported not;
Ensconced was he upon a yacht.
As Foggy Bottom spokesmen claimed
The Secretary had been framed
By claims of sightings on his yacht,
Their fabrications were for naught.
For soon upon the public square
The photo record laid him bare,
As one upon another shot,
Revealed him lounging on his yacht.

And consequently walking back,
The State Department had to tack,
Conceding John was on his yacht,
But working hard, as leaders ought.
Perhaps a lesson can be learned
As far as falsehoods are concerned:
A lie by reflex binds a knot
As tight as any on a yacht.


  1. It's not just Kerry on her yacht
    It's Kerry's thinking that we've bought
    The gov can do it
    Don't say we blew it
    With BHO in charge that's what we've bought...

  2. Seriously...all those wonderful "yacht" rhymes are wonderful...

    And when I see "John Kerry" and "Nantucket" together, the possibilities there fairly ring out to be juxtaposed and junctured.