Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Lifer

While others pause to praise the man
Who’s given sixty years,
We might recall what he has wrought
Before we join the cheers.
An advocate for government,
With bureaucratic heart,
In every regulation passed
Our John has played a part.
The EPA, the FDA,
And now Obamacare!
For every bit of overreach
Our Dingell has been there.

And how he prospers through the years
While moving up in rank;
The latest calculations show
Five million in the bank.
For us, the hand of government.
For him, a fortune gained.
Forgive me if my accolades
Might seem a bit restrained.
While Johnny pauses to reflect
And hear his life acclaimed,
For what he’s done with sixty years
He ought to be ashamed.


  1. Perhaps you'll think me on the fringe
    As I dare to proclaim
    John's moniker begins with dinge --
    His life's filled with the same.

  2. As a reader from Michigan, I salute you.