Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Least Untruthful Answer

When questioned by the congressman,
I looked him in the eye,
And chose my answer carefully,
For I would never lie.
And if you take the time to parse
Precisely what I said,
Across the line of perjury
My answer did not tread.
I used the least untruthful word
That came into my mind,
Though not exactly in the way
That Webster ‘No’ defined.
And then I added on the phrase
‘Not wittingly’ to show,
There may be other facts at hand
My answer would forgo.
The supplemental use of ‘sir’
I paused to interject,
Was perfectly gratuitous,
Intended for effect.
Though some may say I told a lie,
It may be said, at worst,
The meaning of the words I said
Was possibly reversed.

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