Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lucifer’s Link

I think the broader populace
Does not well understand,
We public servants often find
Temptation close at hand.
A favor here, a token there,
May riches soon return,
To supplement the meager wage
We work so hard to earn.
And I have fought the best of fights,
I held the lure at bay,
Until temptation ground me down
And I was led astray.
For cash alone I have declined
My office to debase,
As love of money is the root
Of many fall from grace.
And even when the offer grew
To egg rolls by the score,
My will was strong enough to hold,
And treasure to ignore.
But men are men, and weakness shows
In every man, I think.
For me the breaking point arrived
Upon a sausage link.
With greasy, juicy, luscious link
Between my digits caught,
I sold my job and sold my name
To binge upon a brat.

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