Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Ruling Class

I’ve often criticized the men
Who drive our state affairs.
I’ve mocked the manner of their speech
And parodied their airs.
Impugned the motives of their deeds
Have I, and even more,
I’ve made a sport of prodding them
For issues they ignore.
But in a flash of clarity
I ponder them anew,
And see them in another light
I saw not hitherto.

As I reflect upon their works,
Their attitudes, and deeds,
I see the gross depravity
On which their power feeds.
I find us cursed and blessed to live
In times of men like these,
Who undermine the very state
Of which they are trustees.
No more is naked selfishness
Behind a bright façade,
But open, honest shamelessness
Their peers and friends applaud.
They favor us with dialogue
Of their belief and creed.
No longer do they feel the need
The public to mislead.
But someday soon we shall awake
To see them as they are,
And on that day the wind shall reek
Of feathers, flesh, and tar.
For though we often tolerate
A sinner and his fault,
Against the land we hold so dear
We will not brook assault.


  1. One of your top ten. Thanks!

  2. Ditto! Thank you, Bard!