Saturday, April 6, 2013

If Only I Were King

I have a plan for what to do.
It’s good, but here’s the thing:
I’d have a very different plan,
If only I were king.
I’m raising taxes on the rich –
I’m sure they’ll feel the sting.
But I would raise their taxes more,
If only I were king.

The plan will make my union friends
Content enough to sing.
But I could make them happier,
If only I were king.

I’m propping up the deficit
With dollars from Beijing,
Which wouldn’t need to be repaid
If only I were king.
I’ll leave the nation penniless
And hanging by a string.
But I would take it further still,
If only I were king.

1 comment:

  1. Your verse sublime makes perfect sense,
    Except for this one thing:
    The target of your well-put wit
    Now really is our king.

    We've let it happen by default,
    Because we've failed to bring
    Sufficient muscle to the polls
    To stop this baracking.