Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gracious in Defeat

Ever gracious in defeat,
The President decries
The winners of the gun debate
For telling brazen lies.
Always gracious in defeat,
Their logic he assaults.
He questions their integrity,
And shames them for their faults.
Truly gracious in defeat,
He points across the aisle,
And paints opponents of his plan
As wicked, false, and vile.


  1. So true. you always get it right.

  2. I would guess that it can be very frustrating when you are The Smartest One In The Room and all the "idiots" don't agree with you. A person's true character shows at a time like this. Once again, Bard, you said it well.

  3. The Bard is very talented and wise.
    He sees within his gallant head and eyes,
    Impervious to subterfuge and guile,
    The Sepsis from a Hub too huge and vile.