Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sit ludos incipiunt

The man in the miter
Is known as a fighter
For Christ and the sheep of his flock.
But liberals will loath him
And clamor to clothe him
In filth from his miter to frock.

A sort will him slander
For nothing is grander
Than covering churchmen in grime.
Yet more will malign him
And try to define him
A partner or culprit in crime.

Abusing and bellows
May frighten some fellows
But Francis will smile and nod.
And as they defame him
He’ll pray to inflame them
With love for his Savior and God.


  1. Velit Deus laudabilis!

  2. Double dactyls!

    WOW ! I love it.

    I wrote some of those once.

    ________ CAPSULE HISTORY ________

    Plato and Socrates, also Hipocrates
    Really gave Civilization a boost.
    Then, the cruel Romans, Crusades and the Germans
    Marx, Freud and Spilt Atoms its prospects reduced!

  3. Didn't most Kings leave the Throne Headless, or something near?...humm, jus sayin'...