Saturday, March 9, 2013

Room and Board

I fired up my private jet
To take a weekend jaunt.
I planned to visit Washington,
New York, and then Vermont.

But dinner in the capitol,
With all the drinks I had,
Reduced my wallet down to size
And left me short a tad.

I soldiered on to Kennedy
And grabbed a limousine,
Before my business partners showed
And made an ugly scene.

My driver left me on the street
Outside a shelter’s door.
I thought I’d chance a place to sleep
I had not tried before.

The food was warm, the beds were cold,
But people there were nice.
And even with the wait in line,
It came at bargain price.

I think next month when I return
Aboard my private jet,
I’ll once again take room and board
On Bloomberg’s public debt.

1 comment:

  1. Bloomberg is a blooming idiot!