Saturday, March 23, 2013

Object Lesson

We asked. We begged. We pestered.
We pleaded and cajoled.
We called upon the Senate
A budget to unfold.

We mocked their inattention.
We taunted Harry Reid.
We asked their party leader,
The One, to intercede.

For years they dodged their duty.
For years they let it ride.
For years on autopilot
They let their spending glide.

But now they have acceded.
They brought it to the floor.
And when the votes were tallied
The Democrats had more.

For further debt they clamored.
For higher taxes too.
For government expansion,
Upon an I.O.U.

And thus an object lesson
Provided for us all:
Take care in what you wish for,
And that for which you call.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant, as usual, Bard!

    I'll make full disclosure
    And say it straight out,
    You deserve more exposure
    Without any doubt.