Saturday, February 2, 2013

Worse for Wear

At first it was my cigarettes,
And then it was my drink.
It seemed their plan was common sense.
I guess I didn’t think.

I didn’t think they had a plan
To rearrange my life,
Said project being underway
With management by wife.

But now they’ve turned their helpful hands
To what I drink and eat.
They plan to make potato chips
And soda obsolete.

Granola bars and veggie snacks
And water make the list,
Approved by those in government,
On which I must subsist.

But living someone else’s life
Does not appeal to me.
To die a little worse for wear
Is part of being free.


  1. Nice work once again. I always enjoy reading your work. Sounds like your wife has an uphill road to climb! Stand firm.

  2. Thanks for the nice words... But nothing about my physical condition can be described as firm.

  3. That's beautiful.