Saturday, February 16, 2013


When ’ere I think of congressmen
The images I see,
Are bathed in tones of lofty deeds
And hues of dignity.

I think of Jesse Jackson’s son
Who lived in harmony,
With all the noble aims of man,
Or will, when he is free.

I think in terms of leadership
Defined by Harry Reid,
Who forces passage of the bills
His members never read.

From Murtha, Hays, and Barney Frank,
To Richmond and Delay,
The perfect pitch the Congress makes
We savor every day.

Do not, I beg, reduce the pay
Of those whose pedigree,
Reflects the iridescent tone
Of perfect dignity.


  1. So glad that you picked this article to write about this week! I would like to know Nancy's definition of dignity. Don't think that it would match mine!

  2. Oh do not blame, I pray thee,
    The persons we elect.
    The problem is the way we
    Fail our thinking to direct.

    We vote on whim and false reports
    From propagandists vile
    We bow before the sharp retorts
    From bigots filled with bile.

    We sign our own death warrants
    When we go to the polls,
    And give support in torrents
    To malignant, venal trolls.

    ~ FreeThinke - 2/22/13