Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crocodile Tears

The President has made it clear
That spending cuts now drawing near
Will bring corruption and decay,
And leave our land in disarray.

To which a more reflective bloke
Might ask, If we are truly broke,
What logic led us to allow
Dependence as we find it now?

And further, one must wonder why
The President would weep and cry
About a cut to be imposed,
That he himself had first proposed.

Perhaps these crocodile tears
Are for the nation he reveres.
But I would guess, as like as not,
For us he wasted not a thought.

Instead, his true absorption lies
In bringing to a swift demise
A social structure of reward
For profit gained of own accord.

And so the dole he must not slice
For voters bribed, not once but twice,
As leftist legacies depend
On freedom from constraint to spend.


  1. Wonderfully stated, Bard.


  2. BINGO! You've done it again.

    You REALLY ought to reach out more the blogging community.

    It may be fun to live in splendid isolation, but your talent to instruct in neat, concise verse is NEEDED.