Saturday, January 26, 2013

By Any Means

The Roberts Court will soon decide
Another healthcare suit.
And how will Justice Roberts vote
To settle the dispute?

Perhaps by vote of five to four
The mandate stays intact,
As Roberts and the liberal wing
Maintain their lawless pact.

Perhaps, with firm and august words,
The Chief himself will write,
That morals need not come through faith,
Protected by a right.

For lack of this necessity
The government is free,
To do whatever it will do
By rule or decree.

By any means to reach the end,
Anticipate support
For propping up the Healthcare Act,
From Justice Robert’s Court.


  1. Sad, but probably true.

  2. What you say is so true
    It makes me feel blue.

    Though the Truth won't be taught
    The Court has been bought.

    The masses are asses
    Which is why outrage passes

    And "right" is no longer a dream
    On the part of the court dubbed "Supreme."

    ~ FT