Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Aftermath

And in the end, it comes to this,
The point of perfect liberal bliss:
When all is razed, with nothing more,
The wreckage now is deemed a bore.

Have they not left a single law
To ravage with a loud hurrah?
No regulations to impose?
No point of culture to oppose?

Are there no markets to subdue?
Departments left to slant or skew?
Has every right been laid to waste?
The Constitution been displaced?

It must be so, for when they see
Destruction left from sea to sea,
From every battle fought and won,
They disengage for lack of fun.

For building lies not in their genes,
They have not attitude nor means,
Nor inclination to restore:
Such lowly work is all a bore.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, indeed! You've pegged it nicely.

    Liberals always have been and always will be on a veritable RAZE CRAZE.

    What will they do when nothing's left to ruin?
    Take to drink and rot in a saloon?

    ~ FT