Saturday, December 1, 2012

Point of Fact

I stumbled on a hidden lair
That housed an ancient beast.
I stumbled on it unaware
While walking west to east.

’Twas in the lair I came aware
Of certain climate change,
Which weighed upon the morning air
Throughout the mountain range.

I found as well abiding there
A war on womankind,
Which cut my heart with cold despair
And weighed upon my mind.

I made an effort to repair
To points less filled with dread,
But tripping over free health care,
I settled there instead.

Among the myths I said a prayer
That I would soon be borne,
Across this world of disrepair
Upon a unicorn.

1 comment:

  1. You truly do see it as it is, don't you?

    I enjoy your wry, deceptively simple summations in clever verse.

    Do wish you'd visit other blogs, so your work might gain a wider audience. It deserves a great deal more attention than it apparently gets.