Saturday, November 10, 2012


I strode into the public square
To politick the throng.
I hoped to get a hearing there,
But found that I was wrong.

I spoke of freedom to achieve,
By labor well applied.
But multitudes would sooner reave
Than have the gilt subside.

I spoke to them of wrong and right,
Of evil and the good.
But greed and envy, hate and spite
Were all they understood.

I spoke to them of sacrifice,
Of temperance and restraint.
But welfare was their asking price,
And Marx their patron saint.

Perhaps a generation hence
The spell that Marx has cast,
Will yield to truth and common sense
And virtue’s reign at last.

And thus, returning to the square,
I politick the crowd.
I hope to get a hearing there;
Defeated, but unbowed.


  1. Hi,

    I copied this poem, and have scheduled it to be posted at my blog early tomorrow morning. I hope that's all right with you?

    Naturally I gave you full credit, and posted a link to this blog.

    In a small way I'd like to see that become better known.

    Do visit me when you have time. You might enjoy the blog, which is a smoergasbord of all sorts of items.

    ~ FreeThinke

  2. Thank you, Bard..
    I read and relish your blog(s).

    Stay Well & Free!