Saturday, November 3, 2012

Early and Often

I voted once in Beaufort
As one William D. Malloy,
The toast of all my neighbors
And a former altar boy.

In Henderson I voted
As one Jackson, Jimmy J.,
The man with cat-eyed glasses
And a laughable toupee.

And then a notion struck me
As acceptable to do:
I’d find another ballot
And I’d make it into two.

I’m voting Democratic
In the morning and at night,
So I can keep the country
From the evil, ugly Right.

If my quadruple casting
Makes a difference at the polls,
I’ll spend my days in lockup
As a man who met his goals.

1 comment:

  1. Good, of course, as all your stuff tends to be.

    Here's a suggested addition:

    For I would rather rot in jail
    Than fall prey to Ann's whopper
    That Mitt, her hubby, cannot fail,
    And isn't a flip flopper.


    ~ FreeThinke