Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beware the Chair, Redux

The Bard is taking the week off. However, in light of the recent vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to ban public nudity, I thought I'd re-post a recent favorite.

Article link: San Francisco may require seat protection from nudists

Of San Francisco fare
One ought to be aware,
For in the public square
Some residents are bare.

And no Godiva hair,
Nor tall Godiva mare,
Is needed to forswear
Your britches by the pair.

The people there don’t care
If all the public share
Your dearth of outerwear
And lack of underwear.

But now there is a scare
About this great affair,
For some would like to spare
The folks who visit there.

It may seem hard to bear,
But soon they may declare
’Tween chair and derrière
There ought to be some air.

And if not air down there
Then something to compare
Like skin of bear or hare,
To drape across the chair.

But I this day declare,
Invoke an oath and swear:
I wouldn’t on a dare
Take my vacation there.

And now that you’re aware
You may wish to beware,
And steer from cities where
The residents are bare.

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  1. You inspired me to write verse of my own on this incredibly absurd theme.

    Thank you for what you do. It's very enjoyable.