Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spoils of Green

In Evergreen Solar
I asked the controller
To vest of the taxpayers’ dime.
The market then sputtered,
And quickly they shuttered:
We just couldn’t get there in time.

Solyndra was waiting,
And dangled a rating
Well worthy of rolling the dice.
Alas, they deflated
And crashed unabated,
With taxpayers paying the price.

Investments take mettle,
And often unsettle
The folks who like government lean.
But victors get spoils,
And nothing quite oils
The system like funding for Green.

1 comment:

  1. We could set that to music in waltz time so sprightly
    We'd all want to rise up and dance,
    But the sense of the piece can't be taken so lightly,
    And might make the folk look askance.

    A serious thought is apt to raise eyebrows
    And set tongues a clucking and wagging --
    Especially those who believe themselves highbrows
    Who think "little folk" us down are dragging.

    If you wish to be popular don't report truth;
    Most see that as rude and far out.
    Instead, go with the flow in a manner uncouth
    And behave like an untutored lout.

    From FreeThinke with admiration.