Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Voting

I’ve got to vote early.
I’ve got to be sure,
As something may happen
For me to endure.

My father might perish.
My kid could get sick.
I might be disabled
By horses that kick.

A privy malfunction
Could keep me at bay,
And leave me unable
To vote on that day.

My engine might seize up.
My car could be wrecked.
I might be beset
By a bibulous sect.

So sometime this evening,
A bit after work,
I’ll pull on my jacket
And go see the clerk.

Then nothing shall stop me
From casting my vote,
For Biden, Obama,
And government bloat.


  1. Great as usual, but you might want to consider working in some version of the following:

    And then, here's the chance I might die before D-Day
    In October before my support
    Could be given with ease, when I have a free day
    To give thanks for my having been bought!

    ~ FreeThinke

  2. Why are so many people voting early?

    Is this another manifestation of "The sky is falling"?

    It seems to me that crisis mode is being forced on us at every turn.