Saturday, October 13, 2012

Biden at His Best

Alternate video: Biden Interruption Montage

Perhaps it was his medicine.
Perhaps a bit of drink.
Perhaps he saw the latest polls
Which show him on the brink.

Perhaps it was adrenaline.
Perhaps he had the flu.
Perhaps he spent the day before
Inhaling crazy glue.

Perhaps a tab of crystal meth.
Perhaps he was in pain.
Perhaps the job has broken him
Or driven him insane.

Perhaps he wasn’t up to it;
Perhaps too tall a task.
Perhaps we saw the liberal mind,
Exposed, without a mask.

Perhaps he meant to be an ass.
Perhaps it was the plan.
Perhaps he likes the role he plays:
The hack and hatchet man.

Perhaps he fell and hit his head.
Perhaps he was possessed.
Perhaps we saw unvarnished truth,
And Biden at his best.


  1. One of your very best.
    Be proud and thump your chest.
    Few have the wit to be succinct
    In explicating views
    Implying we'll soon be extinct
    If Barry doesn't lose.


    ~ Free Thinke