Saturday, September 22, 2012

Foiled by Metaphysics

A novel strain of thought persists
Among our leading physicists,
That proving quantum gravity
Will end theistic pravity.

For physicists are doctrinaire
About the God that isn’t there,
And work their lives to demonstrate
That God did not, in fact, create.

Which seems an awful way to live:
To try to prove a negative.
And further to perplex, perform
The task on that which has no form.

By use of methods bound in laws
That cannot measure matter’s cause,
The physicists cannot explain
Existence in another plane.

And then, succumbing to the crime
Of yielding to Eternal Time,
They hide behind a PhD,
And end debate with “Q.E.D.”


  1. Very clever. Very apt.
    Into your blog I'm glad I've tapped.
    Poetic social commentary
    Reaching high 's extraordinary
    Making you a man distinguished
    May your light n'er be extinguished.

    ~ FreeThinke

  2. Interesting proposition no doubt
    Premise without support or reason
    The point worth considering of course
    Each to his own determination