Saturday, August 25, 2012


When I report to work each morn
To keep the horses shod and shorn,
I check to see if they have bought
A single colt, but they have not.

And so I go to visit Gramps,
Whose job it is to light the lamps,
And both of us review the list
To verify that none exist.

By then we need a little break
To keep us fresh and wide awake,
As per the contract which affords
Our daily wage and just rewards.

For most of our remaining shift,
We talk to Fred who runs the lift
Inside the long abandoned works,
And flirt with idle typing clerks.

And soon thereafter, one by one,
We head for home, our labor done,
To rest while we await the call
To gather at the union hall.

The union boss will give a talk,
From six ’til nine or ten o'clock,
On how to help expand the staff
And benefits, on our behalf.

1 comment:

  1. Do I detect a hint of Robert Frost's influence here, or is that just a but of fancy on my part?

    ~ FreeThinke