Saturday, July 7, 2012

Setting the Bar

Each month I take my paycheck home
And hand it to my wife,
Who hopes and prays it might support
Our fancy way of life.

The rent is paid, and then the lights,
And then the doctor bill,
And if the month is very good,
The balance goes for swill.

And each and every single month,
My wife proclaims to me,
“If you were more than half a man,
You’d make your wage times three.”

“My dear, you’re reading far too much
Into a single cheque,”
I tell my wife of twenty years,
And give her cheek a peck.

“In context of the other trends
And data that I see,
My pay compares to this year’s growth
In jobs and GDP.”

And every month she loves me still,
Which only goes to show,
My wife of all these twenty years
Has set the bar quite low.

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