Saturday, July 28, 2012

Prior Restraint

Not a peep
About the Veep
Until the call is done.
You cannot tweet
’Til he’s complete,
Or otherwise make fun.

If he should gaffe
The White House staff
May have the time enough,
To help walk back
The VP's knack
Of speaking off the cuff.

The loyal press
Will not express
A single, small complaint,
For they agree
The odd VP
Requires some restraint.

1 comment:

  1. Think it will matter?
    Could be blood splatter
    When they lose and walk out the door.

    BHO might just get fatter
    That won't make us sadder
    When a new guy reigns as before...

    "Marxwasm" replaced Marxism
    It's caused a really big schism
    For the VEEP named Joe
    He's done too much "blow."
    It ends anthropomorphism

    I hope this makes sense
    But I'm sometimes dense
    It is me they'll show to the door!