Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Didn’t Tell My Story

I didn’t tell my story.
I didn’t sell my spiel.
And that could be the error
That leads to my repeal.

My movement is in trouble.
My donors are afraid.
My lack of storytelling
Has made excitement fade.

Until the fall election,
I’ll take the time to tell
A more developed story,
And sell it very well.

I’ll focus in on fairness,
And make my feelings plain
About the nation’s wealthy,
And Romney’s time at Bain.

For isn’t that the story
That people want to hear:
A narrative of envy,
Surrounded by a smear?

And when my tale is finished,
I’m sure as sure can be,
To win the votes of millions,
And govern by decree.


  1. "That's where we are headed
    It's clear if you can't tell
    This guy has not been vetted
    And he really won't do well..."

    It's another lie BHO tells
    Just listen then vote correctly
    And know where his "daddy" dwells
    His hope is clear, most directly
    Can't you smell those sulfur smells?

    For the anthem soon will be
    "O say does that star-spangled
    banner yet wave..."
    O're the land of decree
    And the home of the slave...

    Wake up now before it's too late
    Wake up now before chains rattle
    What he spews is really just hate
    And it's time to start the battle...

    Know for sure that we're at war
    With His Spirit, there's liberty
    Those He's called... An open door
    That's the key to set us free

  2. Bard of Murdock...
    Your poetry is wonderful
    You do well and make your point.
    With words that rhyme, so colorful
    It is YOU we must appoint...

    Appoint you as a laureate
    Of poetics and that's all
    You're like horse Secretariat
    Your words win. You've found your call.

  3. I "love, love, love your poetry!"
    Keep up the good work :)
    Hope you don't mind me reposting ?

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Please feel free to repost; I only ask for attribution.