Friday, May 18, 2012

Fiat Lux!

“Let there be light!” declared the Lord.
And so it came to be.
Much like Obama promised us
A new transparency.

“Let there be firmament above!”
And so it came to be.
Just like Obamacare provides
A shield for you and me.

“Let water gather in its place,
And earth display its form!”
Just like the way Obama made
The One Percent reform.

“Let there be lights above the skies
To mark the days and nights!”
Much like the beacon that Barack
Has shined on civil rights.

"Let creatures swarm amidst the seas,
And birds above the earth!”
Just like the new technologies
To which Barack gave birth.

“Let Adam be, and with him Eve,
And let them procreate!”
Just like Obama’s policies
Expand the welfare state.

The seventh day was set aside
For God and man to rest.
And contemplate the President
By whom we have been blessed.

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