Friday, March 23, 2012

What’s a Lad to Do?

My civil disobedience
Began at six or so.
The teacher said, “No best of friends.”
I told her where to go.

And then they tried to confiscate
The lunch my mother packed.
I ate it there beneath my desk,
And heard the riot act.

They banned the sale of lemonade
I offered at my stand.
I moved my trade to alleyways,
For those with cash in hand.

And when I’m feeling devilish
Enough to make them sore,
I mention there’s a Father, Son,
And Spirit I adore.

These bits of nonconformity
Have shaped my point of view:
I never trust the government,
But what’s a lad to do?

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1 comment:

  1. To never trust the government
    That's what a lad MUST do
    And those who might think otherwise
    Have shrunk! They're but a few!

    It's time for us to rise and shine
    It's clear our light has come (Is 60)
    The days ahead are His not mine
    My way I must eschew!