Monday, March 12, 2012

The Render Wagon

The render wagon's on its way
To pick up dear old dad.
He's lived a long and useful life,
And ending it is sad.

But now he’s spending his estate
On healthcare profiteers,
To ease the pain and suffering
In these, his later years.

And when his money’s spent and gone
He may just turn to me,
For room and board and God knows what,
That he’ll expect for free.

So now I’ve called the mobile team
To have dear dad consigned
To doctors who perform the task
We Dutch call Levenseinde.

And when he’s gone, I’ll miss him so,
But I shall be consoled,
By all the guilders I can count
When vader’s things are sold.

And then I plan to emigrate
Across the Zuiderzee,
Beyond the reach of children who
May do the same to me.

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