Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marital Advice

I bought the latest paperback
At half its listed price,
For help on my relationships
And marital advice.

I read the book from front to back,
By paragraph and verse,
To soak up all the sapience
The author could disperse.

I followed all the hints and tricks
I came across therein,
And found my spouse amenable
As she had ever been.

With kindness I attended her,
At morning, noon and night,
Until she asked to visit friends
And slumber overnight.

I scolded her and raised my voice;
I pulled her ears and hair.
And then I raised my walking stick,
To show her that I care.

And when my arms and legs are healed,
When hearing has returned,
I plan to go back home again
And see that book is burned.

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