Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

The Picks by Bard in his premiere,
When calculated for the year,
Were good enough to get along:
For every ten but three were wrong.

Which means that in the coming year,
The Bard will seek to engineer
An app that lets the public see
His picks – when they have paid a fee.

Enamored by Tom Brady’s stats,
The wiser crowd says pick the Pats.
But I would rather risk my neck
Than call the game for Belichick.

And so I’ll pick the men in white
To end up on the stage tonight,
And hoist the trophy in the air –
While Brady showers in despair.

1 comment:

  1. It's clear that you had the vision
    Pick the Giants... Great decision!
    And it really pleases me to know
    The Deadskins here twice beat them so...

    But with that said, I'm in dispair
    The Deadskins lost and were not there...
    All that matters when it worked out
    The Giants won and had the clout...

    The Redskins lost. The Pats did too
    So the Giant fans will have a brew
    And the DC fans will have to wait
    Til next year comes... We have a date?