Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I went to see my parish priest,
A week before the Christmas feast,
To tell him I should like to strip
My name from Catholic membership.

Since I was baptized in my youth,
It took me years to learn the truth:
A large percent of those within
The Catholic Church are prone to sin!

As I do not intend to pray
With those who may have gone astray,
I told the priest I must insist
My name be stricken from his list.

He said he would, without delay,
But first would need to wash away
The mark I had upon my soul
Before he could correct the scroll.

And so he poured across my head
A glass of water while he said
A phrase he claimed was just a toast
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

When he was done on my behalf,
I heard the pleasant cleric laugh,
And shout a hearty, loud “Amen!”
As laughter took him once again.

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