Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wild Card Weekend

While in the head of Bard there danced
Both sugar plums and flying sheep,
The Saints and Texans both advanced:
It doesn’t pay to go to sleep.

The Bard predicts a Bronco win,
And Tebow to excel.
He sees the ankle slowing Ben,
And Denver playing well.

To get the chance to play Green Bay
On Lambeau’s frozen field,
The Giants and the Falcons play:
To Falcons, Giants yield.


  1. I love the Bard's predictions
    Dead on for just a while
    Lately he has lost that touch
    Today won't bring a smile.

  2. From your keyboard to God's screen - go Broncs!

  3. I'm too drained to rhyme anything - yay Denver!!! Three out of four ain't bad, Bard! I always end up way older after a Bronco game than I was at the beginning.