Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

An ordinary man am I,
With ordinary taste,
And like most ordinary men
I cannot stand for waste.

I use my teabags twice, at least,
And sometimes triple-pour,
And if the price goes up again
I’ll use them even more.

I cannot brook a daily bath
Or daily change of clothes,
Despite the way my wife complains
Or holds her tender nose.

Among the other little things
That irritate my wife:
When roadkill is available
I grab my fork and knife.

Though some may say my thriftiness
Has gone a little far,
I can’t drive past a free repast
When roaming in my car.

Some few of us are connoisseurs
Who like a little snack,
Prepared by long-haul trucking chefs
And tenderized by Mack.

So if you see me off the road
Along Route 53,
Be sure to stop and share a bite
Of roadkill potpourri.

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1 comment:

  1. Your post records at 3:00 AM
    What are you doing up?
    If 3-bag dips keep you awake
    You'd better try 'quadrup'

    As to your big-Mack roadkill snacks
    Avoiding may be best
    It could be stomach gas attacks
    Keeping you from getting rest.