Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I know a thing or two
About the candidate.
I've promised not to tell –
Unless it will negate
A Democratic loss,
And save the head of state.

My secret knowledge came
To me, as in a dream.
I heard a voice cry out
And then repeat the theme:
“We're better with The One,
For Newt is too extreme.”

’Twas then that I awoke,
Devoid of fear and doubt.
I strode up to the roof,
Proclaiming with a shout,
“I know a thing or two
I cannot talk about.”

But I will soon reveal,
If Newt should win the race,
The sort of ugly news
Our media embrace,
And promise it will leave
Newt Gingrich in disgrace.

I warn the GOP
To bring this man to heel,
For Newt will never stand
Behind our country’s seal,
Should I but say the words
I cannot now reveal.

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