Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Keystone Lesson

The problem with Canadians?
I think it sad but true:
They never learned to play the game,
Or see our point of view.

They have an independent streak
Of continental size,
That caused their Keystone pipeline plan
To suffer its demise.

They should have claimed that fewer jobs
Would be by them produced,
And asked for loans to help provide
Their bottom line a boost.

They might have made a product which
The public could not buy
Because, in spite of subsidies,
The price was far too high.

And if their product caught on fire,
At least a time or two,
Obama and the DOE
Would call them tried and true.

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1 comment:

  1. Burning pipelines.

    Maybe if the pipeline,
    If what you said, you see—
    FIRE! FIRE!—
    Will find Bambi and his buddies,
    Who control our Energy,

    Anywhere they’d like to be,
    9th hole…or Hawaii,
    Someplace…Lake Erie?
    Pleeze, just not in. D.C.

    Out the door! No office!
    Kaputz, looong gone!
    Pleeze…OH, PLEEZE!
    Just let it be!

    Keri Heat