Saturday, January 14, 2012

Divisional Playoffs

Last week the Bard was one and one.
Atlanta lost. But Denver won.
And with the Tebow touchdown toss
The Bard forgot the Falcons’ loss.

The 49ers need to play
A perfect game to win today.
They won’t, and therefore Mr. Brees
Will make them pay, and win with ease.

With Brady in the driver’s seat
The Patriots are hard to beat.
But something makes the Bard suspect
His Denver pick will be correct.

The Texans travel north and east
To face the mighty Raven beast.
And after, heading south and west,
They’ll ponder on their losing quest.

If Rodgers plays his very best
The Giants ought to leave distressed.
On this alone the Bard will choose
The upstart Giant team to lose.


  1. Today me thinks the Bard has lost his mind,
    The forty niners will not be kind,
    The home teams will rise, the Bard will see,
    Because that is the strength and role of history.

    1. I bow before the man who called
      The games on Saturday,
      But hope to get a weekend split
      With games they play today.

  2. Bard - Again, from your keyboard to God's screen...

    Brian - If history were the determinant factor, they wouldn't have to play the games - and Denver wouldn't even be there.

    (Sorry my comment didn't have any rhyme - the dog was sick all over the living room last night and shampooing the carpet does not put me in a poetic frame of mind. Yuck.)

  3. are priceless. Thank you.