Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deposit, No Return

It may be soon that Washington
Could launch a state-owned bank;
For this the Democratic House
Will be the group to thank.

The merit of their worthy plan
Should be self-evident:
The government could run a bank
Without the One Percent.

The governmental quality
Of fiscal expertise,
Should give the public confidence
In matters such as these.

It built such firms as Fannie Mae,
And partner Freddie Mac,
Who ought, in ten or twenty years,
To pay their bailouts back.

And having shown the expertise
To have those firms excel,
It stands to reason that it ought
To start a bank as well.

I wish them all the best success,
But think that I must say,
I’m glad I’m living in a state
Two thousand miles away.

Other examples of fiscal expertise:

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