Friday, January 27, 2012

Democratic State of Mind

Foul is foul. Fair is fair.
And everyone should pay their share.
So says the ‘justice’ president,
Who hopes to raise our discontent.

For in our discontent we find
The Democratic state of mind,
Where government should intercede,
To make the wealthy class recede.

For never have the rich attained
Their wealth but by the dollars gained
Through long oppression of the poor,
Or feeding on a force majeure.

The wealthy then will be no more,
Absorbed among the working poor,
And having nothing more to take,
May with the rest of us partake.

And then, as poverty we share,
We shall pronounce the country fair,
As fair as fair could ever be,
And poor, from sea to shining sea.

So soak the ones who might surpass
The earnings of the middle class,
But if you work for government
You shouldn’t have to pay a cent.

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