Friday, January 13, 2012

The Burden of Bard

Whenever I am feeling sad
Or when I’m feeling blue,
I fire up my trusty Dell
And give the web a view.

I search the latest research sites
With hope that I may find
A clue to my relationship
With most of humankind.

Today I’ve found another hint
To help me with my case:
My name has been the barrier
To keeping well apace.

For giving me my moniker,
My parents are to blame;
I lost my chance for self-esteem
When Bard was made my name.

The latest studies demonstrate
What I have known for years:
A name like Bard will guarantee
A lack of healthy peers.

I could have been a smarter man,
And one who didn’t smoke,
If Mom and Dad had christened me
Like ordinary folk.

But average people can’t accept
A naming oddity,
So lay the blame on Mom and Dad
For what’s become of me.

1 comment:


    I’ll be your friend,
    I’ll be your friend,
    I don’t find Bard offensive,

    The National Post
    Say’s less the most
    So don’t be so defensive

    I think you’re smart
    Your words like art
    Make most of us to ponder

    Why a man named Bard
    Would think it hard
    That he is just a wonder.

    Keri Heat