Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Budget Bust

“So what’s your beef?” my cellmate asked.
I belched and turned his way.
“I had a mite too much to drink,”
I said, “on Saturday.”

“I stumbled out the barroom door
And fell into the street.
And thus I learned I should not drink
Next to the county seat.”

“For when the judge came out that door,
He stumbled on my leg,
Which made his head go down from up,
And cracked it like an egg.”

“So here I sit, a lesson learned:
I should respect the law.
And when a judge goes down from up
It’s best to not guffaw.”

“And what of you?” I asked the man.
“What landed you in jail?
What grave offense did you commit
To land beyond the pale?”

“They say I broke the Budget Act,
By failing to present,
To Senators and Congressmen
A budget supplement.”

“The last I sent they voted down,
To my embarrassment,
A loss I still resent.”

“And after all, it’s just one week,
That it was lately sent.
The law does not apply to me,
For I’m the President!”

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