Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15

The Broncos, Jets and Packer picks
The Bard pulled from his bag of tricks
Were on the spot again last week,
And added to his winning streak.

For if I rightly recollect,
His seven last have been correct,
And twelve of thirteen hit the mark:
The Bard is on a winning arc.

The Packers ought to beat the Chiefs;
Of this there is no doubt.
The question is the final score:
The Packers in a rout.

Can Tebow do it once again,
Or will he taste defeat?
Though Auntie Lib may not agree,
This week he will be beat.

The Jets are playing very well
And need another win,
Though Philly ought to keep it close,
I’ll pick the Jets again.


  1. Packers fell to Chiefs today
    Perfection's not to be.
    Jets and Bronc's trail at half
    You're best at two for three?

  2. But in the end, my blogging friend,
    I fell to one and two.
    My winning streak will end this week,
    And I must start anew.

  3. For me the weekend was a bust
    The Griz were toast on Friday night
    In semi-final play.

    On Saturday my Saints fell short
    In the Championship fight
    To SXU in Rome GA

    So how could I expect the Broncs
    Against the Patriot's might
    Would win again today?