Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14

By choosing Tebow and Big Ben,
Sanchez and Rodgers, once again
The Bard plucked from his bag of tricks
Another week of perfect picks.

And owing to this upward trend,
The Bard is starting to pretend
He has the perfect Delphic touch;
His wife is thinking: “Not so much.”

The Denver Broncos meet the Bears,
And likely think a win is theirs.
It is, if they can get a blocker
Upon a fellow named Urlacher.

The Chiefs head to the Jersey Shore;
The Jets should easily outscore
The men who represent Missouri;
For J-E-T-S: not to worry.

The Packers team is in a groove,
And will against the Raiders prove
They are a team of high achievers,
And have much better wide receivers.

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