Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scientific Singularity

The modern view says scientists
Rely on intellect;
They use their method to detect
A cause, and then effect.

But lately I’ve been questioning
The wisdom of the view;
I wonder if their peer review
Is letting cretins through.

For centuries the science club
Engaged in alchemy;
They thought a potion of debris
Could give them gold for free.

And lately mobs of scientists
Have conjured climate change;
They find the climate acting strange
From proof they rearrange.

And now the latest bit of proof
That some have lost their brains:
They won’t predict as it pertains
To summer hurricanes.

Their real-time skill at forecasting
Is worthless as a guide;
The forecasts given far and wide
Will now be cast aside.

But accurate is not the point
When scientists obtain
A funding source that can sustain
The research gravy train.

Imagine what their peers will think
When reading in the news
That some within their ranks would choose
A dollar to refuse.

And why should we trust scientists
Who willfully neglect
The dollars which they could collect
For being incorrect?

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