Monday, December 19, 2011

Possum Drop

At midnight on the thirty-first
Amidst the flashing glare,
The apple comes to rest at last
Above the famous square.

Eight-hundred miles to the south
They have their own event:
They hoist a possum in the air
And count with its descent.

The folks at PETA think the state
Should make the practice stop.
They want to interdict the fun
At Logan’s possum drop.

“It’s cruelty,” says PETA’s voice,
And maybe that is so;
But what could draw a larger crowd
To view the midnight show?

A politician on a rope
Would bring the public out,
And many in the throng would pay
To see them swing about.

And nothing else that comes to mind
Would bring a bigger cheer,
Than politicians on a rope
To welcome in the year.

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